Ownership and financing

eXpression Umeå is owned by Umeå University Holding AB and Umeå Kommunföretag Aktiebolag. Umeå Kommunföretag is the parent company of all Umeå municipality's limited companies.

In addition to our owners, we also have external partners and funders for our various projects and industry initiatives.

North Sweden Arena for Design, Art, Tech and Business.

A regional fund project and collaboration between eXpression and Umeå School of Economics.

The aim of the project is to continuously develop a cross-sector test and development environment that strengthens innovation and new thinking in the region through cultural and creative industries.

The aim of the project is to develop a cross-sector testing and development environment that uses cultural and creative industries to strengthen innovation and new thinking for the whole region. A test and development environment where large and small, as well as start-ups and creators, meet across borders and benefit from the knowledge development taking place in academia.

Here we strengthen cross-sector networks and collaboration between companies in the creative industries in the north and in Sweden through partners. Researchers at the School of Business and Economics explore sustainable business models, shared business models, and different forms of value creation within the industry that contribute to sustainable growth.

Funders: the EU, Region Västerbotten, Umeå municipality

Redesigning the Future

- an accelerator for the internationalisation and growth of creative industries

eXpressions second regional fund project that we run together with High Coast Creatives in Örnskoldsvik. The overall aim of the project is to create growth in creators i upper norrland through the will to grow, develop digital strategies and reach the global market from both rural and urban areas. The project objective is to increase the internationalisation and export opportunities for KKN companies in the ÖN through a developed business development support, new digital business models and co-location of resources.

In the project, we collaborate with High Coast Creative to develop methods and knowledge to support and develop the creative industries in the north.

Funders: the EU, Region Västerbotten, Umeå Municipality, Övik Municipality, Företagarna Örnsköldsvik

Social Innovation Hub

A Vinnova-funded collaborative project with Companion, Umeå Municipality and the Innovation Office at Umeå University.

The aim is to exchange knowledge and experience on social innovation and to build a strong constellation of actors in the North for strengthened business support for social innovation and social entrepreneurship.