Daria's illustrations make science understandable

Daria's illustrations make science understandable

Daria, 33, runs dc sciart, which helps researchers explain their science using illustrations. Her background as a PhD student in plant physiology at Umeå University gave her valuable knowledge and understanding of the research world, which helps her with the often complex science she illustrates.

Usually the researchers come with a specific need for illustration for their research, but she has also noticed that there is interest in general illustrations of plants. Therefore, she has recently launched an online shop that allows to buy this type of illustrations.

Why did you start the webshop?
"The main reason was to reach researchers who have limited access to funding or no funding at all, e.g. phD students and students, who cannot afford specially ordered illustrations.
I want the webshop to be a platform with small and affordable illustrations that these researchers can use for posters, presentations, applications and pimp up their work. In the long term, I want to grow the web shop with more plants based on people's wishes.

In addition, I hope that the web shop helps people get to know me and my work and realize the value of having amazing illustrations.

Fact box with Daria Chrobok

33 years young


My family is spread across Poland, Germany and Sweden. I myself live in Sweden with my crazy dog Buffy.

Favourite plant:
Haha! That was a difficult question. I was going to say...

  • ... grass because I love to walk barefoot on grass as well as the smell of freshly cut grass.
  • ... cacti and succulents at home because I am a terribly bad at watering.
  • ... tree because I love to spend time in the forest
  • ... ferns because of their symmetry and amazing appearance
  • ... lavender because of its smell and the childhood memories they evoke for me
  • ... fruits and vegetables because I love to eat them...

The common denominator for all the plants above is that many are green and it is my absolute favorite color in the world!

Dream mission:
This is also a hard-to-answer question because I feel that I have found my dream job, which means that all customers are in a way part of my dream job. But if I have to say something specific, I dream of at some point illustrating a book that makes more children interested in science.


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