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Cardoon, Vädd and Kvanne

Cardoon, Vädd and Kvanne are fittings for planting and cultivation boxes, bed rails and garden paths. In short, what you need to build function and spatiality, whether it's a few square metres or an entire park. The concept is under development and I call it TILLIKA Garden. 

These first designs are based on classic park and garden plans. My hope is that they will interact with a wide variety of settings, from castles to cottages. Enhancing, connecting and underlining. Without taking over.

About the designer

Growing up on a market garden in the Värmland region, I have taken the earth, the plants, the animals and the seasons for granted. Marveled and attracted, inspired. But still chose the big city and a different direction. Since then I have moved north and here in the High Coast it is close to both creativity and origin. My professional life as an employee revolves around art, culture and environmental design. TO ME, Nina Tenskog with what is beyond and beyond - all my ideas, whims, plans and dreams.

Nina Tenskog. Photo: Elin Nerpin


Name of product: Cardoon, Vädd, Kvanne
Manufacturer: WST Vislanda, NAVAB Nordingrå Alltekniska verkstad and CS Teknik Örnsköldsvik
Material: Stainless steel
Designer: Nina Tenskog
Company name: FORTUNE
Tel:  0733-790 778
Price: The product is under development, contact Nina for more info.

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