Multiple senses important when Hampus creates graphic design

Multiple senses important when Hampus creates graphic design

We have met Umeå's latest star in graphic design to hear what created his interest in graphic design, if he has some golden tricks to success and how to become Christmas must sommelier? Meet Hampus Hammarberg who operates under the Pencyl Media brand.

Hampus, under your brand Pencyl Media you create logos, business cards, brochures and illustrations. Where does your interest in graphic design come from?

When I was 13, I got my first school computer and discovered how much fun it was to create and experiment with graphics in Photoshop. My interest grew quickly and it wasn't long before I started making wallpapers, logos and other graphics for my friends. This led me to make the decision after high school to apply for and study the three-year Digital Media Production programme at Umeå University.

You place great importance on getting to know the customer and creating something tailored to them. This may sound cliché, but of course it's incredibly important. How do you really get to know the customer? Do you have any golden tricks?

For me it is important that the customer feels safe. By clearly showing that I am listening, committed and want to help the customer, I get honest answers to my questions. From there, a really good trick is to ask questions based on people's different senses in addition to sight. Are there any specific smells, sounds, textures or tastes that resonate with the customer's brand? Many times these can be implemented into the client's graphic elements to reinforce their message, vision or values.

Hampus Hammarberg is developing his company Pencyl Media.

What do you think is important in graphic design?

For me, it's important that every element of a graphic design has a purpose behind it. By asking yourself the question 'why?' when it comes to even the smallest details of concept, colour and shape, it's possible to identify elements that can be developed or removed altogether. Daring to experiment while being self-critical places greater demands on my working process, but it also helps the graphic design to become its own.

What made you dare to try starting your own business?

Graphic design is something I've always wanted to work in and I've long wondered what it would be like to start my own business. I've thought that at some point I'll try my hand at being self-employed, but I've never had the courage to take the first step. After many of my friends participated in eXpressions' various programmes and told me about their positive experiences, I felt compelled to apply.

Fact box

Name: Hampus Hammarberg

Company: Pencyl Media

Best with running your own business: The experience of feeling how my company is developing!

At least best with running your own business: Calling out and introducing yourself to people you don't know.

Favourite logo: A personal favourite is the Adidas logo which consists of the iconic three lines used in many of their garments. The lines are slanted to make it look like a mountain, which is then meant to symbolize challenges faced and goals that will be achieved.

Role model in graphic design/entrepreneurship: Chris Do.

Hidden talent: Last Christmas I got everyone right on a Christmas must blind test. You could call me something of a Christmas must sommelier!

Hampus is taking part in the eXpress programme this spring with his company Pencyl Media.

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