Music and geocaching mix in new concert series

Music and geocaching mix in new concert series

On Saturday, Hide and Seek premieres in Umeå. A brand new concept inspired by hide and seek and the phenomenon of geocaching. Behind the initiative is the entrepreneur and musician Magda Andersson. 

I have felt that there is a need for more variety in the live music scene in Umeå. It should be fresh and new with live music, says Magda.

The entrepreneur and the musician Magda Andersson is behind the new concert concept "Hide and Seek" which premieres this Saturday,

How does Hide and Seek work?

Ticket holders will receive information about a starting position in the form of a bus stop, via email. One hour before the concert, the coordinates will be sent out in GPS format. Then it's just a matter of finding your way to the gig, which takes place in the open air.

Which artists will we see?

In the first edition, which takes place this Saturday, Jeff Elliot, Patrik Backlund and myself will play. There will be about two to three artists each time. The main focus will be on music from Västerbotten. As a visitor, you'll have the opportunity to discover cool natural places and what great music comes from here. 

Where does the idea come from?

It's my own idea. There are clubs that have secret locations and so on, but I don't know of anyone doing it this way. The hope is that it will be fun for both the audience and the musicians.

How to get tickets?

You buy your ticket via Billetto. Once you have purchased your ticket, you will receive the starting position directly by email. Right. If it rains, there's a "b". It's gonna be fine either way. 

Find your ticket and read more about the artists at billetto.se


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