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On September 20th, the artist and program leader Natalie Carrion releases the single Drip Drop, the first single on her upcoming EP Banana River. The single marks the start of a new direction for the 22-year-old music sensation from Sápmi, which is now moving towards modern pop.

Natalie Carrion is born in Sápmi in the 90’s who became a pop artist, songwriter, and influencer over a night. With one foot in Sápmi and the other foot on the small island of St.croix in the Caribbean, she writes pop music that is characterized by her family, her roots and her present life. In 2017 she performed during Musikhjälpen and in autumn 2018 she has also been active as the program leader in SVT’s program “Jag röstar”.

“I am proud of my origins and love to convey love to my culture and music through modern pop. Now I have landed in a clear expression where all the pieces have fallen in place, “says Natalie.

Modern pop that feels

“People in my vicinity are not always good and sad enough, many try to hide it. With Drip Drop I want to say I see you. That I am here and it will be better. As I sing in the text, “Even if you were the thunder, I would sit and wait in the middle of the ocean.” It’s love and shows how strong a relationship between different individuals really can be, “says Natalie.

Natalie Carrion writes all the songs herself and is inspired by, amongst others, Monica Zetterlund and Laleh in how they manage to convey the message in texts and touch others.

Drip Drop is a call for everyone to see their fellow human beings, spread love, and care for each other.

It is released through iTunes, Tidal, and Spotify on September 20th.

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Natalie Carrion
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