eXpression Pop-In

eXpression Pop-in was a surface in MVG-gallerian which was prototyped by students during a 12-hour workshop and then designed and shaped into a creative, inclusive, safe and accessible space in the city. The space was used by entrepreneurs participating in one of eXpression Umeå's programmes to test new concepts, products, showcase their goods or services in the form of exhibitions, organise events and pop-ups. In addition, some eXpression workshops and lectures were organised in the space.

The eXpression Pop-In was developed in collaboration with property owner Mofab to allow new entrepreneurs to enter the city centre. The collaboration challenged the traditional retail space while increasing the flow to the mall and allowing companies to test new business models.

News about eXpression Pop-In


The Pop-in test platform thanks for this time

In autumn 2019, eXpression Umeå launched a pioneering project in MVG-gallerian - together with the property owner MOFAB - with the aim of exploring the future of sustainable trade and the city centre....


Strong Umeå actors in talks on the future of sustainable trade

On Friday, eXpression Umeå, with its initiative Future Retail Lab, invites you to talk about Umeå's trade and future urban development. Participating is Umeå's business manager Peter...

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Anna Wikholm


Business Developer, Future Retail Lab