Collaborations and projects

eXpression Umeå is part of several collaborations and runs and is part of several projects.

Carpe Digem

Carpe digem is an EU project within Interreg Europe.
The project develops the regional capacity to involve citizens in digital transformation through the development of smart services and products that create jobs and growth, attract investment in research and development and generate a balance between city and country. The project develops an action plan on how participation and anchoring can be strengthened in the development, implementation, implementation and follow-up of future regional strategies by developing the use of open and social innovation. In addition to the actors traditionally involved in the development of regional and local strategies, the target group also includes civil society and citizens of society, i.e. it covers the whole pentahelix perspective.

The project participates:

Digital Nievre Joint Authority (FR)
Mallorca Chamber of Commerce (ES)
Business Development Institute of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (PT)
University of Ljubljana (SL)
Republic of Slovenia - Ministry of Public Administration (SL)
European Regions Network for Application of Communications Technology (IE)
Business Agency Association (BG)
Republic of Bulgaria Ministry of Economy (BG)
Region of Vasterbotten (SE)
Uminova Expression (SE)

Link to the project website:

Carpe digem In Social Media:
Instagram: carpedigeminterreg

Starting date
Region Västerbotten
Beneficiary counties
Beneficiary municipality
Net amount granted
77 940 €

Design by Umeå

Umeå has an effective and inclusive support system for innovation with world-class academic and business incubators [with a strong focus on everything from biomedicine to creative and cultural sectors]. The environment in which these actors operate is incredibly important and fortunately it is in Umeå's DNA to work inclusively and to challenge norms, create a reflexive and stimulating environment to work in.

Design by Umeå brings together innovation actors who want to work inclusively and challenge norms. In addition to eXpression Umeå, the following actors are included in the network: Umeå Institute of Design (UID), RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden AB, Umeå Institute of Architecture, Umeå School of Art, Bildmuseet, Curiosum and Region Västerbotten.

F/Act Movement

F/ACT Movement is a project from the Gothenburg region (GR) and Science Park Borås that aims to promote a more sustainable production and consumption of fashion and textiles. 

The F/ACT Movement inspires consumers to make more sustainable fashion choices and to use what is already in the closet. This is done through local activities arranged in collaboration with municipalities, as well as through social media where local ambassadors (so-called f/activists) spread inspiration about how they themselves create a sustainable wardrobe. 

In addition, the project supports companies and entrepreneurs who want to develop sustainable and circular products and services, based on the needs of the new, conscious consumer and with environmental benefits in focus.

eXpression Umeå runs the project in Västerbotten.

Young Startup Day

Young Startup Day is an event that is held every year to inspire entrepreneurship. The next generation of entrepreneurs is a key group for Umeå and Västerbotten to continue to grow. In order to reinforce this development, we need even more people who start and run businesses.

Young Startup Day is arranged by eXpression Umeå, Aptum, BIC Factory, Länsstyrelsen Västerbotten, Umeå Municipality, Uminova Innovation and Ung Företagsamhet Västerbotten. 

More info about the event can be found at


eXpression Umeå is a proud member of SISP – Swedish Incubators & Science Parks. SISP is the member-based industry association for Sweden's incubators and science parks with 65 members that operates nearly 80 innovation environments all over Sweden, and which together have over 5,000 companies with approximately 72,000 employees. 

CreARTive Sweden

A trade association for business promotion activities in the artistic, cultural and creative industries.

High Coast Creative

Is a trade association for the creative industry in the High Coast.