Do you run a business in the creative and cultural industries? Are you a courageous and determined entrepreneur with the goal of running a sustainable business? Then you are warmly invited to apply for the new Creatives incubator programme, which offers you the opportunity to develop your entrepreneurial skills.  

Together with experts and business coaches, you will take part in a programme where you and a group of other entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to develop and deepen your knowledge in different areas.  

The programme is aimed at people who have started a business and have a developable product that has been tested against the intended target group and market. During the programme, you will attend workshops and meet experts and business developers in a range of areas. The programme runs for one year with the possibility of a needs-based extension. The programme includes both group and individual business development.

What do others say about the programme?

Portrait of Karin Björk

Karin Björk

Design by Björk

"It's so important to have a coach who gives new perspectives and pushes you forward."
Erik Modin

Erik Modin


"eXpressions support gave me the courage to aim higher and achieve my goals."



8 February
Workshop 1: Programme launch. Companies present their business idea.

1 March
Workshop 2: Business models and market analysis

22 March
Workshop 3: Brand and value creation

5 April
Workshop 4: Communication strategies, marketing and PR

26 April
Workshop 5: Consumer behaviour, target groups and segmentation

17 May
Workshop 6: Social media 

7 June
Workshop 7: Web, statistics and analysis

30 August
Workshop 8: Pricing and packaging

27 September
Workshop 9: Sales

18 October
Workshop 10: IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)

15 November
Workshop 11: Financing models for growth

6 December
Workshop 12: Internationalisation and Export Maturity

17 January
Workshop 13: Teams and leadership

31 January
Workshop 14: Board training

8 February 2023 - 22 February 2024.
Followed by individual needs-based coaching 

Half or full days depending on content

Number of workshops:

Number of check-ins:
2 (date to be announced after admission)


Clean desk 1 000 SEK/month.
Own desk 1 450 SEK/month.
Own stall 3 400 SEK/month 

Have you started a business?
Can you work 20 hours per week in your company?
Is your product(s) tested against the target group and market?
Do you have a developable product? 
Have you started a sustainability project? 
Are you a brave and driven entrepreneur? 

What is included:
Office space including meeting room and printer, business coaching, workshops, tools and templates, access to makerspace 1 & 2 (prototyping lab) and coffee!

Together with other Creatives participants, you will meet industry experts and business coaches. Between meetings, you will be offered ongoing business development. Before the meetings, you will work on issues to take your business further. 

Application deadline:
We have closed applications for the 2023 round, but you can always contact us if you want a place in the incubator with the possibility of business coaching. Applications for the next programme round will open in autumn 2023.

What you get in the programme


Business coaching

As support through the program is eXpression Umeås experienced coaches. Through structured coaching meetings, they challenge you to reach your goals. The coaches guide you through the innovation support system and the surrounding networks. 


Every year, over 100 entrepreneurs take advantage of the incubator's various offerings. As part of the community we create together, you will have the opportunity to exchange valuable experiences, ideas and networks with other participants. 


In Curiosum's inspiring surroundings on the arts campus, we offer three types of office space: cleandesk, private desk or studio. You choose which is best suited to your needs.  


In our premises there are two makerspaces and a sound studio that you can use for free after a short training. The workshops include 3D printers, laser cutters, advanced sewing machines and tufting machines.


The business coaches organise workshops and training courses in a range of knowledge areas that are important for running and developing a business. These include sales, pricing, business modelling and communication. 



Du get access to smart document templates to help you structure work. The archive includes a business plan, budget and business model canvas.


Financial support

Based on the action plan you and your coach draw up, we may be able to support your business financially. For example, by paying for training, external services, travel costs or a mentor's fee.



Sometimes it's good to have some extra support from an external industry expert or an experienced entrepreneur. If the need arises, we can help you appoint a so-called SPARK mentor or shadow board.

Meet your business coaches

We have a fantastic team of business coaches who are driven to give you maximum support to develop your entrepreneurship and your business. We have experience of developing and running our own businesses and coaching businesses in that process.

Below are the business coaches you'll spend the most time with, but you can expect a strong commitment from our entire team.



Parental leave until 31/8 | Business Coach


Wikholm Kjellberg

Business Coach | Creatives



Business Coach | Creatives



Strategist & business coach | Express

About the programme

Admission: Application deadline 6 November. 

Length: The programme will run for one year with the possibility of an extension based on need. The programme includes both group and individual business development.

Cost: Based on the company's need for office space.
Cleandesk 1000 kr/month
Own desk 1450 SEK/month
Own studio 3400 SEK/month

Admission criteria: When applying, we want you to have developed a business plan and a budget. For other criteria, see below: 

Have started a business 
Can work 20 hours per week in the company
The product is tested against the target group and market
Has a developable product 
Has started a sustainability project 
Is a courageous and driven entrepreneur 

Not quite there yet?

Developing a sustainable business can be complex and take time. That's why we're here for you. Want help developing your business and meeting the criteria above? Then we recommend our pre-incubator programme, eXpress. 

The eXpress and Creatives programmes are partly funded by Uminova Holding through contributions from the GIV group.