Innovator from Umeå wins SKAPA award

Innovator from Umeå wins SKAPA award

Today it was announced that Saad Abdelaziz from Umeå, who runs Wisalsson AB, has won the regional SKAPA Talent Award 2022. As the regional winner, he will now compete for the national award in the category.

I feel incredibly proud and happy about this great prize! For me, it's proof that we're doing the right things and that what we're doing is appreciated, which I think is really fun and exciting. Now we look ahead and continue to work smart to get the product to market soon. But also win new awards," says Saad Abdelaziz with a smile.

The SKAPA Talent Award is presented to the person, under the age of 30, who has made the most meritorious contribution in terms of innovation and creativity and the development of products and services that can lead to commercial opportunities.

The prize is awarded first at county level, where the winner receives SEK 5,000, then nationally.

Jury's motivation:

Spitted gum causes major environmental problems as it decomposes very slowly in the soil. It is also a difficult and very costly litter to clean up. This year's winner of SKAPA Talang in Västerbotten has created a new solution that will reduce littering and thus also society's clean-up costs.

The driving force behind the winning innovation - reducing environmental impact and smarter use of taxpayers' money - is impressive. So does the solid verification process, with interviews conducted with potential customers and retailers, established contacts with producers and the development of a usable prototype.

The ambition is high, with the goal that the innovation will change the behaviour of gum users so that gum is not thrown on the street or anywhere else.

We congratulate Saad Abdelaziz on winning the SKAPA Talent award in Västerbotten and on starting the sustainable company Wisalsson, despite many challenges along the way - with such drive, our winner will be able to chew through many more challenges along the entrepreneurial journey!

Read more about the SKAPA Foundation on their website.

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