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eXpression Umeås is there for everyone who has a business idea in the artistic, cultural and creative industries and who has a tangible drive to want to develop their passion into a sustainable company.  We offer an efficient and innovative incubator method, a creative coworking environment and world-class labs.

In our incubator environment, you as an entrepreneur will have the chance to test and develop your business concept, innovation power and creative skills. It is not only the company, business model or idea that is in focus, but also you as an individual – therefore it is important to get the chance to test print and develop your entrepreneurial skills and grow as an individual and entrepreneur.

With us, we do this together, by participating in various business development programs together with other contractors, in coaching conversations with our experienced coaches and by building relationships and networks with the outside world.

Read more about our programs, unique environment and experienced coaches below.

Get in touch with us and tell us about your idea

Do you have an idea, innovation or company in the artistic, cultural and creative industries? Get in touch with us, maybe we can help develop it further.

Our programs

eXpression Umeå's core offering is our business development programs. The programmes are adapted to suit creators with ideas, innovations and companies in the artistic, cultural and creative industries.

In the programs you as a creator will have the opportunity to test your entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ability and that you become part of a community of other creators who want to develop sustainable companies.

Our unique environment

eXpression Umeå is a safe place to succeed and fail. In our environments you are surrounded by creators who also develop their ideas, innovations and companies. In our environments you will also find world-class prototype workshops. In the workshops you can in a cost-effective way develop prototypes for new products and services that the market wants.

Business coaching

Developing an idea and starting a business is a roller coaster of hopefully success and adversity. Our business coaches follow you along the way as support, sounding board and sometimes with challenges. Business coaching offers you the chance to develop your self-leadership and resilience ("resilience") which we know are important qualities for developing a sustainable company.

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