Take your idea to completion
product in summer

The students' questions became the visual identity of the exhibition.

The students' questions became the visual identity of the exhibition.


Join us during Umeå Design Week 2023


Social media workshop - part of Creatives 


They launch sustainable fashion festival  


Inauguration of new soap factory - becomes a tourist destination

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Knowledge bank

The Sustainable Tourism of the Future project has been completed. A knowledge bank has been developed through the project, which was implemented with the aim of spreading and sharing experiences given the ongoing and accelerated transformation of the industry as a result of the corona pandemic. Well worth a visit.

Our programmes


" 9 preparatory workshops
" Market Verification
" Makerspaces and co-working
" Templates and tools " Business coaching
For those who have a business idea and want to develop a prototype of a product or service and investigate the need in the market, have the opportunity to spend about 10h a week.
Apply by 6/2 2023


" 14 workshops and lectures
" In-depth business coaching individually and in groups
" Mentoring Programme
"Community & Co-working
" Access to prototype workshops

For those who have a business and developed a prototype or finished product, proven that there is a market, working at least half-time and ready to take the next step.
Start 8 Feb

Summer eXpression

For young designers
" Intensive Programme (7 summer weeks)
" From idea to sale at Designtorget
" Cooperation with manufacturing companies
" Follows the design process " Business coaching
For students or a young designer and curious to learn the process from the drawing board to production and sales. A work sample is required for application.

Cultural Heritage Programme

Cultural heritage & sustainability
" Sustainable production and recycling
" Storytelling and branding
" The S-P-O-K manufacturer network
" Focus on cultural heritage and sustainable design " Business coaching
For those who want to create new sustainable concepts and offers, develop your story and discover new digital production methods - in a context where cultural heritage is at the centre.


Sustainable textile & fashion industry
" Pitch competition
" National bootcamp with business support
" Chance to win a 75 000 SEK scholarship
" Partner networks to boost growth
For those who want to contribute to a more sustainable textile & fashion industry through an innovation or your company and support the transformation of the sector.
7 Dec - 26 Feb

An incubator for cultural and creative businesses

We are a business incubator that supports driven entrepreneurs and creators in the cultural and creative industries. We offer business development, a creative coworking environment with a prototype lab and the opportunity to be part of a growing community.