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Custom business development

eXpression Umeå's core offering is our business development programs. The programmes are adapted to suit creators with ideas, innovations and companies in the artistic, cultural and creative industries.

In the programs you as a creator will have the opportunity to test your entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ability and that you become part of a community of other creators who want to develop sustainable companies.

Get in touch with us and tell us about your idea

Do you have an idea, innovation or company in the artistic, cultural and creative industries? Get in touch with us, maybe we can help develop it further.

Our programs

Creatives is eXpression Umeå's incubator program. The program offers you as a creator with a company help to develop this further into a sustainable company. The goal of the program is that you have developed into a sustainable creator with strong self-leadership and resilience and your company into a sustainable company with recurring revenues.
For many creators, the program is the first step towards eXpression's business support. During the program you will get tools and models to test your idea, innovation and your entrepreneurship.
eXpression Design
The program is a collaboration between eXpression Umeå and the creative network High Coast Creative in Örnsköldsvik. As a participant you get access to a platform with lectures and workshops in the process from sketch to finished product on the market.
Future Retail Lab
Future Retail Lab is aimed at new entrepreneurs and owner-driven companies in the trade as well as to companies that are in the borderland between trade, visitor and experience industries. The program helps you create growth, develop new business models and forms of collaboration.
Summer eXpression
During a summer, you as a young creator get the chance to take your design from idea to finished product in collaboration with skilled producers in the Umeå region.
3D Lab at Curiosum
Our offers
eXpression Umeå's core offering is our business development programs, but we have more to offer. Read more about our offers and environments here.

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