13 new business ideas in the express programme

13 new business ideas in the express programme

The spring round of the pre-incubator express has started this week. Thirteen fresh business ideas are taking part, which will be turned and twisted with the aim of reaching new markets. Now a spring of workshops, business coaching and great hanging out awaits.

We place great emphasis on community and creating an atmosphere where the companies are generous and support each other, in addition to the support the incubator provides. Then, of course, we have worked hard to develop a process that will provide useful knowledge in combination with a full toolbox. All in order to offer effective business development, says Per Vågebrant who is responsible for the programme together with Emil Hägglund.

As usual, there is a varied and enthusiastic group of participants in the express programme. Common to all of them is that they are at the very beginning of their business journey, which means that great emphasis is placed on deep diving into needs verification and market analysis.

We put a lot of emphasis on daring to test and change things. When you are as early as they are, you have little to lose. For example, it is possible to change the name, expression, positioning and business model without it costing or requiring much. It is more difficult if you have come further and established yourself in a market. It's an incredibly creative and fun process, which is usually contagious," he says. Emil Hägglund.

Participants in eXpress in spring 2023:

  • Abdul Abdulmajid, product development
  • Alexander Davey, gastronomy
  • Anna Moström, product development
  • Aurora Airas, health and well-being
  • David Svensson & Stefan Johansson, game development
  • Fredrik Larsson, product development
  • Gustaf Frisk, music
  • Ida Sandén, John Ölén, Linnéa Karlsson & Maja Wänseth, mode
  • Linda Lundman & Maria Isaksson, education
  • Liv Bladh, arts and crafts
  • Marit Shirin Carolasdotter, performing arts
  • Mikael Parkman, architecture
  • Sabine Rådlund, product development

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