eXpression welcomes new national strategy

eXpression welcomes new national strategy

On 9 April, the government presented a new strategy to strengthen companies in the cultural and creative industries. The strategy will help Sweden maintain a leading position in the creative sector by supporting economic development, exports and cultural expression throughout the country. eXpression welcomes the government's initiative.

The new strategy is an important step forward for Sweden's cultural and creative industries. It also recognises the importance of these sectors for innovation, sustainable growth and cultural diversity. We look forward to seeing how this will help unlock the potential of businesses in the region and create new opportunities for creators across Sweden," says Mr Gates. Barbro Renkel, eXpression's CEO.

The strategy includes objectives in six priority areas:

  • national statistics on cultural and creative industries
  • knowledge of copyright
  • advice, support, funding and regulatory costs
  • skills supply and social security systems
  • living environments and business across the country
  • the international impact of cultural and creative industries.

It is my and the government's firm belief that the cultural and creative industries must begin to be seen as a new type of basic industry for Sweden. With the Government's strategy, we can help to unlock the potential of cultural and creative enterprises for growth, employment and innovation. Promoting the conditions for entrepreneurship in cultural and creative industries also benefits independent culture, as most professional practitioners and creators in the sector are organised as companies," says the Minister for Culture. Parisa Liljestrand in the government press release.

Minister of Culture Parisa Liljestrand. Photo: Johannes Frandsen/Chancellery of the Government

Any initiative that strengthens the ecosystem for creative businesses across the country is important. We hope that the focus on collaboration, innovation and sustainable development will lead to a more diversified and creative economy.

The new strategy is a step in the right direction, but there is more to do. It remains to be seen how much action the government puts behind the words.

eXpression continues to monitor developments at national and regional level and will help create the best possible conditions for cultural and creative businesses.

For more information on the Government's strategy, visit the Government's website.

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