Breakfast with Vkna - Boosting your business through Inclusion and Diversity 

Breakfast with Vkna - Boosting your business through Inclusion and Diversity 

On Wednesday 22 November we invite Johanna Engström, who runs the inclusion agency Vkna, to join us at eXpression. Johanna will share her knowledge on how companies can grow and develop by integrating diversity and inclusion in their organisations. 

During breakfast, the Johanna Engström, a prominent expert with extensive experience in the field, to share her insights and strategies. Johanna, who runs the inclusion agency Vknais known for her practical and strategic work on gender equality and inclusion. She will highlight how companies in the region can capitalise on diversity to create better products, increase profits and attract qualified candidates. 

Research and case studies from successful businesses around the world support these insights. Johanna will discuss how entrepreneurs in Västerbotten can apply these principles to expand and deepen their businesses. In addition, she will address common challenges and pitfalls related to diversity and inclusion in the business world. 

This is an opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs in the region to network and gain valuable insights that can help take their businesses to new heights. 

When: Wednesday 22 November 08:00-08:45 am 
Where: Östra Strandgatan 32, level 3 

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