Crowdfunding led to new album and music video

Crowdfunding led to new album and music video

Magda Andersson's fans and other backers raised a combined total of €7,000 after the last crowdfunding campaign ended in December. The funds will cover the production of a new album and a music video.

What was your goal for the campaign?

The goal was to realize my new music project and share my vision, and to reach out to build an audience and community around the music before the first release. I see crowdfunding itself as the means rather than the end, it's bigger than just raising money. I wanted to put myself out of balance, take a risk, because I felt I often play it safe," says Magda Andersson.

The campaign had three target levels: five thousand, seven thousand and ten thousand euros. The first, which according to Magda is the most important, involves the possibility of completing the production of the first EP under the pseudonym Magda Novels, level two the recording of a music video and the third support to carry out an international release tour.

Tell me, how did it go? What are your feelings?

We achieved two of the goals! The campaign raised over seven thousand euros and that's a lot of money. I still find it hard to believe that so many people believe in what I do so much, and how much engagement the campaign generated. The feeling is one of gratitude, excitement for the release and a tingle in my stomach for what's next.

This also comes with a responsibility. People have contributed their well-deserved pennies to my project and that makes me even more determined to deliver what I promised.

What happens now? What's next?

The next step is to finish the record and send it off to print! The music is done and now I'm working on the physical look while planning for the release. I'll also be shooting the music video soon. The idea is that it will come with the release of the album. Then it all ties in with my love of playing live, I want to get out on stage with the music," concludes a happy Magda.

The premiere performance of Magda Novels will take place on 6 April in the Netherlands - you can buy your tickets here.

PHOTO: Olivia Modalen


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