On Thursday, June 4, when the Umeå School of Design held its annual Design Talks and Degree Show — with world-leading lecturers in the field of design together with graduation presentations and award ceremonies — two students were chosen to take home The Golden Seed Award, an award produced by the student initiative UID Climate Group. 

This year eXpression Umeå is co-sponsoring the prize. For the second year in a row, it is awarded to the student or students who have consistently thought about sustainability and the climate impact of their degree projects. The students who won the prize this year were Camilla Näsholm, the Master's Programme in Interaction Design and Elias Pfuner, the Master's Programme in Advanced Product Design. 

It's an honor to receive this award. It represents how important it is for our society to move towards more sustainable systems. Thank you to uid climate group for pushing important issues forward, Camilla Näsholm, Master's programme in interaction design.

Mycel's name is Camilla Näsholms degree projects and is a platform that helps people who are interested in vegetable growing to get in touch with each other and learn about cultivation together. Read more about Camilla's project here: http://www.uid.umu.se/en/uid20/project-gallery/ixd/camilla-naesholm/

Elias Pfuner was the second to take home the prize with his degree project Living with Fire which is a speculative project that involves creating a vision of how the world and the communities we live in would look like if forest fires were an accepted part of social landscape and ecosystem. The result of the project is an identity for new fireworkers, called FireGuardians, and their tools.

I'm super happy to receive the award and I think it highlights how important it is to also focus on more things than just us on the planet, Elias Pfuner, master's program in advanced product design.

Read more about Elijah's project here: http://www.uid.umu.se/en/uid20/project-gallery/apd/elias-pfuner/

In order to encourage and pay attention to the design of the future, which takes responsibility for a sustainable future, eXpression Umeå works in close cooperation with the School of Design and is a proud sponsor of The golden seed award.

The The Golden Seed Award is a prize produced by the UID climate group,a student initiative work for increased sustainability at school and in the design profession. The group is part of the the student association Ställverket on the artistic campus.

With the prize, they want to highlight those projects that have a sustainable approach both socially, economically but above all ecologically. This can mean a sustainable choice of materials, minimised emissions and, at best, a circular system The design price also hopes that the inspire others to think and act more sustainably.

For us it was a matter of course to work together to reward the sustainable design prize. Our mission is to develop new ideas and concepts from creators to sustainable companies. Contributing to a resilience and a sustainable future is the responsibility of all of us. So congratulations to everyone who graduates now and extra congratulations to Camilla and Elias! Marlene Johansson, CEO eXpression Umeå 

Nominated to the Golden Seed Award 2020:

Amanda Wallgren, Bachelor's Programme in Industrial Design
Camilla Näsholm, Marster program in interaction design
Elias Pfuner, Master's programme in advanced product design
Ivan Kunjasic, Marster program in interaction design
Rebecka Rosenlind, Master's Programme in Advanced Product Design
Lucas Flynn, Marster program in interaction design
Julian Loretz, Master's Programme in Advanced Product Design
Patrick Birke, Master's programme in Transport Design.
Christoffer Weinreich, Bachelor's Programme in Industrial Design
Lovisa Lund, Bachelor's Programme in Industrial Design

Jury of the Golden Seed Award 2020:

Lisa selin, BFA2
Ellinor Werner, BFA1
Inna Zrajaeva, IXD1
Anna Hing, APD1
Teun Stickers, IDI
Sonya Swan, APD1
Marlene Johansson, CEO, eXpression Umeå 


Marlene Johansson, CEO
eXpression Umeå

Lisa Selin, Initiator
The Golden Seed Award

UID Climate group


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