Umeå's design success at Stockholm Furniture Fair

Umeå's design success at Stockholm Furniture Fair

Five strong designers all connected to eXpression Umeå showed their products during the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2024 that took place 6-10 February. Mira Bergh, Adrian Bursell, David Sjöberg, Anna Levander have all attended eXpression's summer programme Summer eXpression, and Alfred Sahlén is currently in the incubator. Among other things, they found this year's fair inspiring, more tangible than in previous years and that it provided many new insights and customer relationships. Adrian also won the "Best in Show Greenhouse" award together with his partner Siri Svedborg. 

Adrian Bursell has, together with Siri Svedborg has produced a side table called Burn and Turn. Adrian is pleased with the days and happy that there was a lot of focus on the individual designers and not least that they won a prize:   

The fair was fun, intense and smaller than last year. Personally, I think it was good and more accessible than before. I also think it was fun that there was a lot of focus on individual designers and groups exhibiting rather than the larger companies that are always present. Me and Siri Svedborg, who I exhibited with, are also happy and honoured that we won the newly established "Best in Show Greenhouse" award. 

Adrian Bursell, Siri Svedborg | Burn and Turn

Mira Bergh is included together with Josefin Zachrisson in the artist duo Swedish Girls. They have developed an interactive sculpture "Another Fountain" which they showcased during the fair. Operating between Milan and Stockholm, Mira and Josefin work with objects and installations through a conceptual and experimental approach. Their work is characterised by a desire to explore new forms of expression and contexts. Check out the sculpture here 

David Sjöberg which, through the newly launched brand DAVSJÖ showcased his latest furniture collection, says that the furniture fair was an exciting experience and that there was a great deal of curiosity about the function and detailed craftsmanship of the furniture he has created: 

We had the privilege of meeting many dedicated people who share our passion for form and functional furniture, and we were delighted to have the opportunity to highlight the importance of form combined with functionality, which together become a central part of creating sustainable products.  

David also explains that the goal of their furniture collection is that the products fulfil a purpose in their environment, and at the same time become a visual detail and feel like a natural part of the interior:  

The fair gave us valuable insights and customer relationships, which we look forward to exploring further. 

David Sjöberg | Ladder

Anna Levander exhibited the Alumoge stool developed during Summer eXpression. On behalf of the interior design firm and design store Arranging Things Anna was also asked to create a pedestal that was displayed at the furniture fair.

Anna Levander | Alumoge
Anna Levander | Pedestal
Arranging Things

Alfred Sahlén which runs Workshop AS, a company that designs and manufactures unique objects in tin and aluminium, showcased its products. Alfred was also commissioned by the interior design company and design shop. Arranging Things to develop a pedestal for the furniture fair.

Alfred Sahlén | Verskstad AS
Alfred Sahlén | Verskstad AS | Piedestal

Through the appearance of the designers at Stockholm Furniture Fair they have not only established valuable contacts and been recognised for their work, but also contributed to strengthening the image of Swedish design in the international arena. Their success at the fair reflects the potential and dynamism of the Scandinavian design scene, and we look forward to following their continued journey in the world of design. 

Stockholm Furniture Fair is an annual event where over 80% of exhibitors from Scandinavian countries come together to showcase the latest in furniture and lighting design. The five-day fair attracts visitors from over 100 countries and serves as a global platform for Scandinavian design. The Greenhouse, part of the fair, provides an opportunity for emerging designers and design schools to present their prototypes. The fair is a central meeting point for everyone in the furniture and design sector. 

eXpression Umeå supports over 100 entrepreneurs each year and is one of Sweden's leading incubators for cultural and creative businesses. They offer business development that includes three distinct offers: individual coaching, workshops with experts and a creative community. eXpression Umeå is owned by Umeå University Holding AB and Umeå Kommunföretag Aktiebolag. Umeå Kommunföretag is the parent company for all of Umeå municipality's limited companies.  

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