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The sculpture "Night" is a tribute to the stars that light up our sky during the Nordic winter season. Mysterious as the night itself, you can sense its movements depending on where in the room you are looking at it from. The sculpture is made of layered acrylic glass with print and LED lighting. From the side, the cut glass appears to disappear in transparency, but from the back plate a light spreads to remind us of its existence. Night is a glittering interpretation of the beauty of darkness, as without it we would not experience the light. For every piece sold, a donation goes to the organisation "Never Alone", which works to combat mental illness. The night is sold in the size: 22x33cm in a limited edition of 10. If interested in a larger size, it may be sold as a unique piece in that specific size.

About the designer

Zandra Jungell studied photography at The School of Visual Arts in New York. Since then, she has won awards and exhibited her work, including at the Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm. Her images often contain themes of nostalgia, dreams, light and darkness. With access to an active inner world, she expresses it through the camera lens.

Zandra Jungell. Photo: Elin Nerpin


Name of product: Night
Producer: Ågrenhuset, Örnsköldsvik
Material: Planographic acrylic glass with LED
Designer: Zandra Jungell
Company name: Zandra Jungell
Price: 7400 ink. 12 % VAT.

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