Umeå artist Natalie Carrion featured in new Norwegian documentary series

Umeå artist Natalie Carrion featured in new Norwegian documentary series

On October 12, the documentary series "URBI – bare gjør det!" was launched in Norwegian NRK. The series follows four young artists from Sápmi who are at different stages in their careers but share the same dream: to break through. One of them is Umeå artist Natalie Carrion.

For a whole year, Natalie Carrion and three other single-minded Sami artists have been followed by a Norwegian documentary team. The aim has been to get an insight into each one's personal journey and see the hard work required to succeed in the music industry. Right now the series is up to date with its premiere on Norwegian TV.

"For me, it feels like a gift to have a whole year documented by a tv team with the special time behind it. I hope that those who already know me will get a deeper insight into who I am and that new people will become interested in my music and the values I stand for," says Natalie Carrion.

Natalie, who had not seen the series in its entirety before the Norwegian premiere, is very pleased with the result – especially since the Sami has been given such a natural place.

"I was very touched after looking through everything. I think they managed to create something genuine that both reflects the everyday struggle we as artists stand in and that highlights the Sami heritage and how it manifests itself in different ways, says Natalie.

Right now appears "URBI – bare gjør it! / URBI – Hás it! " in the Norwegian state channel NRK TV and later on, the documentary series will also have its premiere in Finland.

"Participating in the series is an important step in the international effort I am in right now. The hope is that this will result in more strides towards the goal of becoming an established world artist, says Natalie Carrion.

Photo: Lisalove Bäckman

See the full on the NRK series here.

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