Author: Oskar Riby

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Over 800 000 SEK for entrepreneurs in the incubator

On Wednesday, the Swedish Arts Council announced which actors will receive the restart grant. Among the approved applications are...

Jesper Karlsson, RecoMended

Companies contributing to sustainable textile industry

The textile and fashion industry is a resource-intensive and polluting sector with a high environmental and health impact...


New business development programme - Designlab

Both the EU and the UN are putting the creative and cultural industries at the heart of rebuilding...

Team line-up
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How the cultural and creative industries are competing in the European Championship

The European Football Championship is coming up and this is how the cultural and creative national team is expected to...

Veronica Janunger
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Veronica takes opera to new places

Veronica Janunger runs Suitcase Opera, the small and flexible opera company. This flexibility allows the opera company to...

eXpress participants and Sustainergie logo
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Working together for the UN Global Goals

Wednesday afternoons at eXpression are usually characterised by workshops in the eXpress pre-incubator programme. This past Wednesday, the workshop...

Hampus Hammarberg
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Multiple senses important when Hampus creates graphic design

Hampus Hammarberg operates under the Pencyl Media brand. By weighing in multiple senses, he creates...

Nathalie Lidqvist
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Artist Nathalie Lidqvist awarded cultural scholarship

Nathalie Lidqvist is one of four artists to receive the Cultural Council's Rese &...

Natalie Esseen, the entrepreneur behind Dekko Lab
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Natalie designs graphics for livestreamers

Natalie Esseen combined her interest in games and graphics in her company Dekko Lab which...

Katarina Paulsson - The gardener in Sikeå
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Creative Katarina is passionate about beautiful gardens

It was Katarina's love of gardening and nature, and of creating with her hands and...

Frequently asked questions

The national definition of KKN is taken from Tillväxtverket and the analysis report Kreametern that was produced a few years ago on behalf of the government.  

In this definition, nine industry groups are described, some of which have additional industry categories underneath them. eXpression Umeå is based on this division when we define our focus areas, but in some projects and collaborations we may target additional industries. 

Industry groupIndustry category

Audiovisual storage media

Data game

Film & TV


Image & Form




Cultural Heritage



Historical and archaeological sites

Literature & Press




Literary and artistic creationLiterary and artistic creation

Performing Arts


Cultural education

Performing Arts

We are looking for driven creators with ideas, innovations or businesses in the artistic, cultural and creative industries. Our ambition is to enrich Umeå, Sweden and the world with more innovative ideas.

If you want to know more about us as an incubator, you can find it on the page About us.

If you are interested in how we can help you, read about our offers here.

This is not a requirement for you to apply to us. But of course we'd be delighted if your heart beats a little bit extra for our local area as it's an important part of our business.

However, in order to assimilate some parts of our programmes, you will need to be in Umeå. Sometimes for longer periods. If you have any questions about a specific programme, please contact the programme coordinator, whose contact details you will find together with the information about the respective programme. And the programmes can be found here.

Our core offering consists of our business development programmes. The programmes are tailored to suit creators with ideas, innovations and businesses in the artistic, cultural and creative industries.

The programmes give you, as a creator, the opportunity to test your entrepreneurial skills and become part of a community of other creators who want to develop sustainable businesses.

Read more about the programmes and see which one is right for you here.

Our experienced business coaches are happy to help you find your next step. Contact one of them for advice. We cherish your ideas and apply full confidentiality to everything you discuss with us.

You can find our contact details here.

Participation in the eXpression Umeå programme is free of charge. What we require from you is your time and commitment*.

However, it is important that you secure an income during your time in the incubator. If you lack employment or income from your business, you can contact our business coaches for advice on financial support. You can find their contact details here.

*In the Creatives incubator programme, we charge for your office space.

In our Creatives incubator programme, you can choose between three different office locations:

  • Cleandesk
  • Your own desk
  • Studio

The other programmes include a cleandesk seat and the possibility to rent your own desk or studio.

To get access to an office space, you must apply and be accepted to one of our programmes.

For creators who have applied and been accepted to our business development programmes, we have the opportunity to help creators in a number of ways, through workshops with experts in certain areas such as marketing, sales, manufacturing process, IPR, etc. In addition, we have so-called internationalisation vouchers with the aim of promoting international trade.

We can also help you as a creator to navigate the funding jungle and explore possible funding solutions for your idea, innovation or business.

All business coaches and programme participants at eXpression Umeå have signed confidentiality agreements so your innovation is safe with us. In addition, we have several knowledgeable lawyers in our network who will be happy to help you seek relevant protection for your innovation.

All business coaches and programme participants at eXpression Umeå have signed confidentiality agreements so you can feel safe discussing business secrets with us.

Participation in eXpress is free of charge. What we require from you is your time and commitment.

All participants in the programme are offered a cleandesk free of charge. In addition, there is the possibility to rent your own desk or studio. Talk to programme officers after the admission notification if you are interested in this.

You apply to the programme as a whole. We see great importance in all participants being involved from the start as it creates the opportunity to build the network of several creators who can become partners in the future. Creative minds unite.

Yes, during the programme period you are required to be in Umeå as much of the programme is conducted in the incubator's workshops.

Participation in eXpress is free of charge. What we require from you is your time and commitment.

No. During the programme you will be helped by experts to develop everyday objects from sketches, prototypes to small-scale production.