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For many creators, the eXpress programme is the first step towards eXpression Umeå's business support. Here you can take advantage of tools and models to test your idea, innovation and your entrepreneurship. The program is two-part and includes a joint half-day workshop per week and own work. The program is free of charge but will require both commitment, curiosity and drive. Are you ready to take your creative business idea to a sustainable company? 

During the first period, you get tools to test your idea or innovation to see that there is market potential for this, for example by potential customers showing interest in your idea or identifying a gap in the market.

Provided you find market potential with your idea or innovation, we continue with deepening with business development, work with the brand, sales, pricing, sustainability and intellectual property rights (such as patents, design protection, design protection).

After the program, you are well prepared for continued business support in Creatives.

Application content

Period 1 consists of about 6 weeks.

We identify driving forces for your business using the IKIGAI model. We go through the design process, models for stakeholder & market analysis. In addition, you get tools to do a market research.
The period ends with a company presentation.

The goal of period 1 is that you find market potential with your idea or innovation.

Period 2 consists of about 6 weeks.

After the first period, we delve deeper into business development in the areas of business model, brand, sales, intellectual property (such as patents, design protection, design protection), calculation, budgeting and sustainability.

The goal of period 2 is that you are ready for continued business support in Creatives.

Who should seek

Do you have an idea or innovation in the artistic, cultural and creative industries? Do you want to develop this into a sustainable company and also have the opportunity to set aside time to test your idea? Then you're the one we're looking for!

You do not need to have started a business to apply to the program.

The deadline for applications has passed for the autumn programme.
New application opens in 2021.

Start date autumn 2020: 30/9 2020

End date autumn 2020: 16/12 2020


Participation in eXpress is completely free of charge. What we demand of you is your time and commitment.

All participants in the program are offered a cleandesk free of charge. In addition, you can rent your own desk or studio. Talk to programme managers after the admission announcement if you are interested in this.

You apply for the program as a whole. We see great importance of all participants being involved from the start as it creates the opportunity to build the network of several creators who can become partners in the future. Creative minds unite.

All business coaches and program participants at eXpression Umeå have signed non-disclosure agreements so your innovation is safe with us. In addition, we have several knowledgeable lawyers in our network who will be happy to help you seek relevant protection for your innovation.

All business coaches and program participants at eXpression Umeå have signed non-disclosure agreements so you can feel safe discussing trade secrets with us.

It is not a requirement we make for you to be able to apply to us. But of course we are pleased if your heart is pounding a little extra for our neighbourhood as it is an important part of our business.

However, in order to benefit from certain parts of our programs, you will need to be in Umeå. Sometimes for extended periods. If you have concerns about a specific program, you can contact the program manager whose contact information you can find together with the information about each program. And the programs can be found here.

Our experienced business coaches will be happy to help you find your next step. Contact one of them for advice. We cherish your ideas and apply full privacy to everything you discuss with us.

You can find our contact information here.

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Other programmes

Creatives is eXpression Umeå's incubator program. The program offers you as a creator with a company help to develop this further into a sustainable company. The goal of the program is that you have developed into a sustainable creator with strong self-leadership and resilience and your company into a sustainable company with recurring revenues.
For many creators, the program is the first step towards eXpression's business support. During the program you will get tools and models to test your idea, innovation and your entrepreneurship.
eXpression Design
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eXpression Umeå's core offering is our business development programs, but we have more to offer. Read more about our offers and environments here.