For whom

You are a creative doer – and you have an idea. eXpress is for the ones with a business idea embryo within the artistic, creative and cultural industries ready to develop further.

You don’t need to have started your business yet. What we do require from you are your commitment and your time. We’ll give you expert coaching, smart methods, and inspiration.

What do you get

For three months, our experienced business coaches and visiting experts from the Swedish business community will be coaching you through our workshops. We emphasize on your ability to work with your idea independently, using your co-participants as sounding boards and support.

The program gives you the tools you need to quickly and efficiently test your business idea against the market.

All participants are given access to the incubator’s cleandesks.


This program is primarily held in English.

Workshops content

Workshop 1 – Design process
Design process, a useful method to develop your passion / business idea to a sustainable business.

Workshop 2 – Stakeholders, personas & customer journeys
The models will help you to structure people and organizations that affect / are affected by your company. We will pay extra attention to identifying the user and the customer to your company.

Workshop 3 – Business models
We’ll study business models and adapt it to your company. The tools help you structure your idea and test against the market.

Workshop 4 – The verification toolbox
The sales expert Christian Malmsten goes through the process of verify the need / interest for your business concept. You get help with what questions you need to ask the users / customers and how you can do this.

Workshop 5 – Prototyping
We go through the steps from idea to launched product and test different ways to create prototypes of your idea. In that way you can keep costs down while you develop your product or service.

Workshop 6 – Company forms and rights
We’ll go through different company forms and find the one that suits you. In addition, we review what rights you as an entrepreneur own and what you can protect in terms of design protection, patents and trademark protection.

Workshop 7 – Branding and marketing
We’ll go through the basics to create a brand and how you can launch your product on the market, a so-called “Go to Market Strategy”.

Workshop 8 – Economics and budget
We will work with basic finances for a startup company and we’ll create a budget for your company. A budget is valuable if you are to apply for a scholarship, loan or other funding.

Workshop 9 – UN’s global goals
We will dig deeper into the UN’s Global Goals and how your company can work with these. Of course we celebrate at the end of the workshop!

When do we start?

The eXpress program is given once a semester. Deadline for application is 15th of September.


Previous participants

Feedback from other participants of eXpress

  • Helped me organize my to-dos and have-to by means of elimination. The methodology helped me organize and prioritize what all needed to be done.

    Participant eXpress 2017
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