The eXpress programme is for those who have a creative business idea and want to explore the possibilities of developing it into a sustainable business.

The programme provides you with tools and methods to effectively test your creative business idea. You will have access to workshops, business coaching, office space and community.

Applications for the spring have closed and will open again in the autumn.

Sweden's leading business incubator for creative and cultural industries.
Creative Minds Unite.

What do others say about the programme?

Cecilia Berglund, EcoCamp

Cecilia Berglund

Eco Camp

"The creative environment and the opportunity to develop with others meant everything."
Adam Timander

Adam Timander

ThankTack Media

"The Express programme helped me shape the ideas into what my company is today."

What you get in the programme

eXpression Umeå offers Sweden-leading business support for entrepreneurs in the creative and cultural industries, including individually tailored business coaching, office space, training and a community of like-minded people.

We help entrepreneurs in the creative and cultural industries from idea to business with repeat paying customers. We're with you every step of the way.

Here's what you get:


Business coaching

As support through the programme there is eXpression Umeå experienced coach. By structured coaching sessions challenge from you to reach your target. The Coaches guidat you i innovation support system and from surrounding networken. 



Every year takes over one hundred entrepreneurs part by incubators various offers. As part of the community we create together, you will have the opportunity to exchange valuable experiences, ideas and networks with others participants. 



I Curiosums inspiring environments on the artistic campus we offer three variants of the office deskr: cleandesk, private desk or studio. You choose what is best suited to your needs 



In our premises there are two makerspaces and a sound studio that you can use free of charge after a short education. The workshops include 3Dprinter, laser cutter, advanced sewing machines and tufting machines. 



The business coaches organise workshops and training courses in a range of knowledge areas that are important for running and developing a business. These include sales, pricing, business modelling, communication and design methodology. 



Du get access to smart document templates to help you structure work. The archive includes a business plan, budget, business model canvas, shareholder agreement, cooperation agreement, to name a few.

Meet your business coaches

We have a fantastic team of business coaches who are driven to give you maximum support to develop your entrepreneurship and your business. We have experience of developing and running our own businesses and coaching businesses in that process.

Below are the business coaches you'll spend the most time with, but you can expect a strong commitment from our entire team.



Business Coach | Responsible for Summer eXpression



Business Coach

About the programme

Admission: 2 programme rounds per year. 12 business ideas per round. 

Length: 6 months, including 2 months of workshops. Starts in March and October.

Cost: Participation is free of charge, but attendance at workshops is required. 

Admission criteria: A new creative business idea in the cultural and creative industries. That you and/or your team are able to spend the time to test this and have the ambition to develop it into a sustainable business. An idea of the market and the intended customer/user.