Sustainable future of tourism & trade

The project Sustainable tourism of the future has been finalised. The purpose of the project has been to spread and share experiences and knowledge for companies in the tourism and experience industries with elements of trade given the industry transformation that is underway and accelerated during the corona pandemic. The project was part of the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth's initiative Knowledge development in the corona pandemic and was conducted during the period 1 February 2021 - 31 December 2022. 


In addition to the news and guides below, the project has resulted in a book, "Towards new goals" - business development for sustainable entrepreneurship. To receive the book, send us an email and we will deliver it by post.

Innovation in the wake of the corona pandemic

The Corona pandemic has posed major challenges for businesses in the hospitality and experience sectors. In this film, two Umeå-based companies share their experiences from the past year. The central question is: what is the state of innovation in the midst of an ongoing pandemic?


eXpression, lunch conversation at Rex. Sustainable tourism and trade of the future.
Well-attended talks on the hospitality industry
photo: Anna Hållsten
Experiences and lessons learned during the pandemic
eXpression Future Retail Lab accelerator programme analysed
Exchange of experience in Norrbotten

For entrepreneurs

Here you can find material on areas related to the development of your business if you are a company in the tourism and experience sector or a company in the retail sector. The material aims to share experiences, disseminate knowledge and provide opportunities for reflection in a range of business development areas.

Financing models for growth: crowdfunding
Digital hosting
The importance of digital hosting during the corona pandemic
consumer behaviour and sales
How to create great customer experiences

For business developers

It gives you, as a worker in a business support organisation, the opportunity to reflect on your experiences and deepen your knowledge of your role and working methods.

Digital business development
Changing business development processes in the wake of the corona pandemic
Changing business development processes in the wake of the corona pandemic
Photo: Oskar Sandström
How are business promoters challenged and developed during the corona pandemic?

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