Summer eXpression

Summer eXpression 2024 is cancelled, we are working on a new round in summer 2025.

For one summer, you as a young creator will have the chance to take your design from an idea to a finished prototype in a first step. Then some of the prototypes will be selected for further development into finished products.

This is the programme for you if you are a student, a young designer and curious to get to know the design process in practice.
A work sample is required for application.

Admission is based on the design task: sketch/drawing in any technique. Take a book, a 33 cl can, an empty glass and your favourite pen. Arrange the jar, glass and pen on top of the book and draw/sketch. The assignment must not be signed as they will be anonymised before assessment. Attached as a pdf to the application form, maximum size A4.

Applications for the 2023 edition of Summer eXpression are closed. 

What do others say about the programme?

Hanna Rönntoft

Hanna Rönntoft

"Working with those who know production and materials was invaluable."

The programme that creates opportunities

eXpression Umeå offers Sweden-leading business support for entrepreneurs in the creative and cultural industries, including individually tailored business coaching, office space, training and a community of like-minded people.

For seven weeks, participants will have the opportunity to prototype their designs in our prototype workshops. The workshops include everything from 3D printers to tufting machines and laser and water cutters. Almost anything is possible!

Summer eXpression consists of two stages with stage one concluding in August 2023 with a presentation and assessment by an experienced advisory board from the industry, of which about half of the design ideas are handpicked for further development into finished products. 

For the best possible conditions and help to make the right decisions for his/her further design journey, you as a selected designer, in stage two for 6-9 months, will make that journey in close collaboration with skilled producers and support from our business coaches.

Take the opportunity to test print an idea all the way from the drawing board to production and sales.

Experience the products from 2023


Meet your business coaches

We have a fantastic team of business coaches who are driven to give you maximum support to develop your entrepreneurship and your business. We have experience of developing and running our own businesses and coaching businesses in that process.

Below are the business coaches you'll spend the most time with, but you can expect a strong commitment from our entire team.



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About the programme

Admission: 1 10 students or young designers per round. 

Length: 3 months. June-August.

Cost: Participation is free of charge, but physical presence is required during the programme period. 

Admission criteria: Admission is based on the design task:

Sketch/drawing in any technique. Take a book, a 33cl can, an empty glass and your favourite pen. Arrange the jar, glass and pen on top of the book and draw/sketch. 
The data must not be signed as they are anonymised before assessment. 

Attached as a pdf in the application form, max A4 size.

The application for 2023 is closed.

Summer expression 2023 is in collaboration with Umeå University Holding AB, the VFT programme and the Innovation Office at Umeå University.