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Summer eXpression 2021

For seven weeks, eight designers have been working to turn their idea into a finished product - now you can see the results. Take a tour of the digital exhibition space and discover the products and the thinking behind them. The production has been done in close cooperation with local manufacturers and all items will be available for sale at Designtorget this autumn.


Notice the beauty in the simple; a cutting or some meadow flowers you picked around the knot. Carry is a flower holder designed to fit the drinking glasses found in our homes and is used to bring the plant into focus by carrying and highlighting it.

DESIGNER: Linnea Lundmark

PRODUCER: Agraff Design

MATERIAL: Stainless steel


With its decorative shape and function, this cable box brings an experience of peace and order to the home; from easily accommodating most sizes of branch sockets and cables behind the mountain and discovering the holes that intuitively manage cables, to placing it in the home as a natural part of your home décor.

DESIGNER: Linn Yue Thomessen

PRODUCER: Furniture Farm

MATERIAL: Stained walnut veneer



Dār in Arabic means home or house. A place can mean a lot to one person, be unknown to another or offer a story. The design aims to create an opportunity for both curiosity and discussion about places while meeting each other. The coaster DĀR can highlight food, but also hot spots. Stay tuned. More sites are planned to come.

DESIGNER: Mohammad Mohammad

PRODUCER: Enably, ecorub AB

MATERIAL: Recycled car tyres, stainless steel



The peculiar shape of the soap dish is inspired by fjords, with their steep cliffs and deep bays. The sloping sides divert the water into the gutter in the middle of the cup. The soap stays fresh and the water runs down into the sink.

DESIGNER: Mika Lindblad Studio

PRODUCER: Röbäcks Glass and Clay




A shapely mushroom with a forgotten history grows in the Swedish forests. Used for more than five thousand years to make fire, it has fallen into oblivion in modern times. The Fnöske candle is a tribute to the Swedish forest, to tradition and to the tick that has provided warmth and light for millennia.

DESIGNER: Matilda Thorup

PRODUCER: Staple design

MATERIAL: Ceramics



The membrane is a fabric flower pot, designed to benefit the plant. The waterproof and breathable properties of the fabric are complemented by a waterproof membrane at the bottom to further prevent leakage. The membrane is shipped flat to minimise the carbon footprint.

DESIGNER: Petter Henfridsson

PRODUCER: Samhall, ScreenCenter

MATERIAL: Plyester, transfer printing


Steel birch

Steel birch is a vertical hook strip designed to be visible and take up space. Inspired by nature, the three-dimensional form emerges from a flat sheet of steel, creating interesting encounters between light and shadow. Steel birch naturally becomes a playful and practical interior design detail for the home.

DESIGNER: Viktor Nordling

PRODUCER: Enably Sävar AB and Umeå Pulverlack AB

MATERIAL: Powder coated steel



The Up plant stand makes it possible to grow on the windowsill at several levels. The arched legs combined with the different heights of the modules create a dynamic and architectural silhouette in the window that frames and highlights the plants in a beautiful way.

DESIGNER: Ami Olin Nordenmarker

PRODUCER: Enably Sävar AB and Umeå Pulverlack AB

MATERIAL: Powder coated steel



The Uphill parchment shelf has risen from the material left behind from the Up plant stand. The shelf is perfect for the hallway, for example, where it acts as a safe haven for your phone, mail or why not your morning folder. The shelf comes in two sizes and also works well as a stand-alone desk.

DESIGNER: Ami Olin Nordenmarker

PRODUCER: Enably Sävar AB and Umeå Pulverlack AB

MATERIAL: Powder coated steel


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Meet the architect and designer Matilda Thorup
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Designtorget and eXpression Umeå support young designers

What is Summer expression?

For one summer, young creators are given the chance to take their design from idea to finished product. The work is done in close cooperation with skilled producers in the Umeå region and experts in business development. The programme helps participants deepen their understanding and practical application of key elements of the design and manufacturing process, while developing their entrepreneurial skills and business acumen - two important aspects of success as a designer. The programme concludes with an exhibition and sale at our partner Designtorget.