Stories of the Creatives

Investing in your creative entrepreneurship means embarking on a unique and eventful journey. Each journey tells a story about the people who are often behind a brand, service or product. In "Stories of the Creatives" we learn about the motivations, challenges and lessons that have shaped some of the entrepreneurs who are moving in our environment.

Together is the way forward

An important key to the energy and creativity that emerges in environments where creative people meet, empower and challenge each other is the will to collaborate. In this film, we meet four different companies connected to eXpression Umeå's incubator environment who tell us how the place and the community shaped their development.

The Story of MoMotion

Erik is passionate about educating people with gripping animations.

MoMotion creates films that make information more fun and easier to digest. The aim is to educate people through moving images, making a difference and bringing useful knowledge to as many people as possible - preferably with a touch of humour. Erik's animations exude creativity, energy and rhythm.

The Story of Östensson Design Studio

Östensson Design Studio creates world-class sustainable environments. 

Maria Östensson is the designer behind the award-winning Östensson Design Studio, which is based in Umeå and aims to establish itself in Europe and the world. Driven by a deep belief in the power of design and sustainability, they create concept-based and sophisticated spaces that both people and nature love.


Storspoven is the company behind the Random Bastards brand.

With stars like Fricky and Cleo, hip-hop collective Random Bastards has become an obvious player in Sweden's music world. One of the reasons for their success is the culture of "doing it together" that has come to characterise the collective. Supporting all the artists and creators is Erik Hörstedt and the company Storspoven.

The Story of Proto Proto

Proto Proto uses design to change the world.

International design studio Proto Proto is passionate about bringing together designers from all corners of the world and seeing cultures and expressions come together in new ways. For founders Anna and Jeff Parry, creativity, design and collaboration are both essential ingredients for sustainable development and a natural way of life.

The Story of Sisters in Law

The Sky is the limit for the Sisters in Law wedding empire. 

This is the story of Sisters in Law - one of Scandinavia's largest curated wedding blogs that publishes a lifestyle magazine and sells tulle dresses under the name Ellen Marie Bridal through its online shop and studio in Umeå, Sweden. The journey started in 2015 when Zanna Metzer and Kristina Grahn began collaborating and today their goal is to become a big name in the entire wedding world.

Creativity: a surface of possibilities

Creativity is as vital to the creative entrepreneur as air is to our lungs, but where it comes from and where it is going is a mystery to most. Is it possible to work oneself into a creative flow or do we simply have to adjust to the fact that creative power usually appears like a bolt from the blue?

Co-creation: initiative and listening

At the best of times, cooperation is a huge strength, but frustration can quickly creep in when it doesn't work. Creative entrepreneurs, however, have proven themselves best at drawing on the experience, perspective and expertise of others and building strong relationships that last over time.

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