Environmental analysis for testing business models 

Environmental analysis for testing business models 

The second meeting of the Creatives incubator programme took place on Wednesday 1 March. Together with Peter Siljerud, trend spotter and futurologist from Futurewise, the companies analysed the world around them and tested their business model in relation to trends and changes in the world. 

It was an interesting day with good and useful tools. It became clear how important it is to analyse the world around us and look for trends in order to keep the business model up to date," he says. Anton Klockswho runs the incubator company Klockworks.

Anton Klock was one of the participants in the workshop.

A trend can be defined by having a clear direction, more or less of something. That it is fact-based and that there are statistics to back it up. It is objective and long-term (3-5 years). 

Trends can be of two different kinds, said Mr Siljerud.

Environmental trends: General trends that affect many companies directly or indirectly. Typically, these scans are in areas such as politics, economics, values, behaviour, technology, and the environment and climate (think: increasing virtual customer relationships or the rapid development of artificial intelligence). 

Industry-specific trends: Trends that are particularly evident in the specific industry in which the company operates. 

The participants were asked to consider which trends currently have the greatest impact on their own organisations and came up with a long list. Examples below: 

  • Consumers seek transparency and credibility 
  • Sustainability 
  • Increased teleworking and digital meetings as a result of the Coropandemic. 
  • AI as a tool for creation 
  • AI 'takes over' and complements tasks 
  • Metaverse  
  • Circular economy 
  • Blockchain 
  • High inflation and recession 

You can read more about business intelligence in the guide that was developed during the project The Sustainable Hospitality Industry of the Future.


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