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Lux Eterna

Today, when more and more of us are getting tired of short-lived products and want to rid our homes of things that no longer measure up, this is a perfect alternative to the candlesticks we got tired of a long time ago.

Lux Eterna is a candle holder that can be renewed and adapted to all different situations in life where we want to enhance the mood with candlelight. 

The beautiful timeless shape is easily inserted into most types of bottlenecks or other similar objects and becomes a candlestick. This way it can change its appearance and size to suit the occasion and taste, plus a dear old bottle or vase is given new life.

Complementing Lux Eterna with Lux Estella enhances the impression even further and makes it possible to decorate around it, for those who wish. Lux Estella holds and lifts Lux Eterna from the edge of the bottle opening and creates space for decorations. Free your creativity!

About the designer

Metal has become my material - the hard, strong yet so malleable. 
I am a silversmith, metal artist and designer, making jewellery, custom art and sculpture.  
The fascination for the three-dimensional form is the source of my world of ideas. Inspired by nature's ephemeral creations, I allow organic forms to emerge in the metal and take on eternal life. Sustainability is my guiding principle and applies to the aesthetics as well as to the material and workmanship. 

Sigbritt Mann. Photo: Elin Nerpin


Name of product: Lux Eterna 
Designer: Sigbritt Mann
Manufacturer: Sanco in Örnsköldsvik
Material: Lux Eterna is made of copper, brass, black burnt iron and bright steel, i.e. it is available in four different colours. The solid metal makes the candle holder heavy and stable, durable and fireproof.
Company name: Sigbritt Mann Studio
Tel: +46 70 684 08 83
Price: 1300 SEK Incl. VAT 25%, price varies depending on metal choice.

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