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2 weeks ago

Expression Umeå

Do you use behavioral design, or nudging, in your business or communication?

Behavioural economics, behavioural design or nudging, is an area that is growing in both psychology, leadership and entrepreneurship. Nudging is about making it as easy as possible for people to move in the direction they want them to.

Behavioural design – to design something, in varying contexts, to achieve a positive change in the behavior of users of the product/service/site.
Behavioural change is in no way an online or CRO-specific phenomenon, and it can be applied in many different contexts.

"Several restaurants often place a very expensive dish centrally on the menu – even if the guests do not order it. Although it is not a guest favourite, its presence leads to many more instead opting for the second most expensive dish. It is also not uncommon for the restaurant to have the best margin.

– supermarkets that place goods that fit well together next to each other;

"Another fine example is the piano steps at Odenplan's Subway, which increased the number of people choosing stairs by 66%.

Sometimes, then, a push, a nudge, may be needed to get people to choose the good behavior over the worse.

How can you use nudging or give your customers a little push to get them moving in the direction you want?
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3 weeks ago

Expression Umeå

The Corona pandemic has had a severe impact on many industries and, together with trade, the hospitality and experience industries are particularly affected.

On February 1, the business incubator eXpression Umeå launches a new project that is about increasing knowledge for companies in visitor and experience industries with elements of trade. In light of the Future Retail Lab business development program, important experiences of being quickly forced to change business models and communication strategies are now shared to meet the major changes brought about by the Corona pandemic.

"Thanks to the project, we can now offer support to more companies in dealing with the crisis we are in," says Annakarin Nyberg at eXpression Umeå.

The project "The sustainable tourism industry of the future" is based on experience of working with companies in the hospitality industry and experience industry with elements of trade and the aim is to share experiences and knowledge further.

"The situation we are currently in places demands on those of us working with the development of the trade and hospitality industry to cooperate and see opportunities. In the midst of this industry transformation, there are companies that have succeeded in changing, and in that process have learned important lessons. We all benefit from spreading this knowledge further and contributing to its use," says Mona Lidén, centre leader of the Utopia mall and a member of Visit Umeå's board.
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1 month ago

Expression Umeå


After three eventful years, it's time for Umeå artist and entrepreneur Natalie Carrion to move on from eXpression Umeå's incubator program. The business journey continues with the same clear goal: to establish themselves on the global stage.
"I really feel that I have developed both as a person and as an entrepreneur," says Natalie.

From the turn of the year, a new exciting chapter begins in Natalie Carrion's entrepreneurial journey as the songbird and the driven entrepreneur stand ready to leave the incubator. It has been three years since it all began and the time at eXpression Umeå has been significant.

"I had a clear goal to develop into a world artist when I started in the incubator and it stands firm. But beneath the surface there is a lot that has happened, things that I see today as obvious were not the earlier. Today I am more strategically anchored. I have a clearer framework for my values and a clear positioning strategy for the brand.

What happens now? Yes, the goal of establishing yourself as a world artist is clearer than ever and it is a mission that continues. Thanks to the second leg of its business, doors have been opened internationally.

"There's a lot going on. Among other things, I gained new contacts in India and Hong Kong and I see an opportunity to launch my music there. It feels incredibly exciting. Then of course I will continue to be in charge of Melodifestivalen. "I don't think she'll be able to defend herself," concludes a determined Natalie Carrion with a big smile.

We wish Natalie the best of luck and look forward to seeing her on the big global stages in the near future.

A longer article is up on our website.

Photo: LisaLove Bäckman

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