Jewellery designers exhibit in Milan

Jewellery designers exhibit in Milan

For four days in October, Milan will sparkle and shine a little extra when the annual Milan Jewelry Week event graces the city. 750 exhibitors from around the world will be on hand. One of the exhibitors is jewellery designer Stina Uhrberg, who is now going international with her company Urberg Design.

  • The dream of exhibiting my jewellery art in Milan has been around for a long time and in early 2021 it looked like it was going to become a reality. A representative from Milan Jewelry Week sent me an invitation to exhibit at upcoming events. They had found me via Instagram and loved my values and design language. After a process, it was clear that I had secured a place but unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the Jewellery Week was cancelled. But now the time has finally come," says Stina Uhrberg.

Milan Jewelry Week is a jewellery-only event with exhibitions, industry meetings, lectures, panel discussions and award ceremonies. It brings together designers, artisans, artists, stylists, world leaders and individual creators from around the world. In other words, a great opportunity to get out into the international market.

  • Just to participate, to have been invited, is a nice recognition. But also to be able to test my products on an international market, what a dream! On the continent, they have a completely different approach to fashion, jewellery and accessories. Jewellery has a different status. Going out on a limb is eagerly applauded there, while here at home it's probably held back to a great extent by the law of the jungle,' says Stina.

Stina has brought two new unique creations to Milan. Betula Solvo of iron wire and lots of recycled vintage beads in both glass and crystal. A piece of jewellery to wear as a tiara or a necklace. The inspiration comes from the time when we have the most snow and cold, when the longing for light and warming rays of sun is great. The frozen drops also symbolise the blocking and locking of the pandemic. The great and difficult longing for life with freedom and connection. The second piece of jewellery is called Folis Gelida. A creation of residual material from a local industry that is shaped by cold forging. The jewellery is meant to be worn as a head or hair ornament, or why not on one shoulder. The creation is a tribute to life and our seasons, while whispering about last year's fallen and frozen leaves.

For the past ten years, Stina has been creating jewellery out of waste materials from local industries and now she is striving to make her jewellery more visible in the international fine art world.

  • During the jewellery week I hope to make contacts that may lead to new assignments in the future. Preferably a contact in the fashion industry or with a major player in Europe that could lead to a collaboration. But also attention in the press and magazines, anything that can give positive coverage around the world and that can lead to dreams not yet dreamed, says Stina. I believe that the genuine, qualitative, sustainable and small-scale is the way forward in both large and small ways.

Milano Jewelry Week runs from 20-23 October and Stina will be exhibiting in the category Artists Jewels. As well as being present in Milan, information and images of her jewellery will be distributed internationally. This will include a yearbook that the fair will compile and distribute worldwide. Her jewellery will also be available for sale on their digital platform overjewels.com.

Text: Maria Persson

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