The Design Lab's business development programme aims to raise awareness of sustainable design principles and how we can use the power of our cultural heritage for new concepts, products, services or offerings.

The Design Lab is aimed at creators and small businesses in the creative sector who want to strengthen their business model, their local production, develop their brand through storytelling and find new digital production methods to reach out with their value proposition. 

The programme provides you with tools to influence the early idea & design phase in order to create sustainable production, consumption and recycling. It is pprinciples based on no waste and careful use of resources and energy throughout the process.

Through knowledge and inspiration from our cultural heritage, your company can create new concepts, products, services or offers. 

Programme content

  • 6 physical meetings with inspiration and knowledge.
  • Network of like-minded people.
  • Access to Makerspaces at eXpression Umeå and RISE.
  • Business coaching.
  • Access to professional filmmakers & producers from Bautafilm to showcase your story as well as your message.
  • Access to the manufacturer network S-P-O-K.

The programme content aims to provide participating companies with inspiration, knowledge and networks to strengthen their competitiveness.

Participation in the programme is free of charge.

Preliminary schedule

16 February - 13.00-17.00 - Kickoff

17 February - 8.00-12.00 - Workshop

23 March - 13.00-17.00 - Workshop

13 April - 13.00-17.00 - Workshop

18 May - 13.00-17.00 - Workshop

Follow-up will take place in autumn 2022, date to be communicated later.

Deadline for applications:
21 Jan 2022


The business development programme within the Design Lab is organised by eXpression Umeå and RISE in close cooperation with Västerbotten Museum. 

The programme is funded by Region Västerbotten, the European Union and Umeå municipality. 

The overall aim of the Design Lab is to contribute to sustainable growth and innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises in Upper Norrland through digitalisation, design knowledge and innovation development. 


Programme officers



Project Manager



Business Coach | Programme Manager eXpress

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