They launch sustainable fashion festival  

They launch sustainable fashion festival  

On 19-20 May, during the Ascension weekend, Sustainable Fashion Street will take place in Örnsköldsvik. Behind the initiative are three local entrepreneurs who themselves work in sustainability and fashion. Anna Söderström - Mini&planeten, Erika Lagtun - MOD and Ulrika Edholm - Bosse&Ester seamstress and designer. They want to fill the streets with exhibitors, fashion shows, live music, creativity and fun activities for all ages.  

We invite you to join us for days of great speakers, second-hand shopping and workshops in styling and textile creation," says Mr Perez. Anna Söderström

The idea of the festival is to highlight sustainable fashion and make reusing garments fun and creative. They want to accelerate a shift in attitude towards fashion, where reflection and awareness are at the centre.  

For example, we are building a market square where slow fashion and sustainable fashion companies will have a chance to showcase their products in the best location between the city's major shopping centres. In combination with selected second-hand goods, food trucks, live music and introductory lectures by, among others. Sustainable Sara and Emma Ewadotter at a cosy festival area, there will be a summer feeling and a nice atmosphere! Says Ulrika Edholm

The theme of the festival is Remake and they want to inspire people to use all the textiles already produced and make something new and useful or just creative out of it. For the environment and climate, for a sustainable future. 

Collaborations include Innovationsbolaget, Örnsköldsvik Museum and Craft Store. They invest in collaboration and the focus is on creativity, crafts and creation. The festival is part of Makertown and the same weekend you will be able to visit Öviksmässan and Musikmakarna 30 years, so it will be an eventful weekend in Örnsköldsvik. 

Together, it's more fun and we want to make sustainable fashion accessible to everyone," says Mr Snyder. Ulrika Edholm

A major goal of the festival is also to showcase the diversity of the city and that creativity is bubbling here. They want to turn Sustainable Fashion Street into a destination and have already noticed an interest from long-distance travellers to visit the city through the festival. 

It is important to raise these issues locally so that they do not only end up in the big cities in the south. We want to let the place put its stamp on the festival, e.g. in Övik we have this circular house on Lasarettsgatan with selected second-hand goods for adults and children. But also by letting Naturkompaniet /Fjällräven talk about sustainable outdoor life and clothing care and local designers produce remake creations," says Mr S. Anna Söderström

Photographer: Elin Nerpin


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