New collaboration creates animated film for researchers

New collaboration creates animated film for researchers

Umeå has a new team delivering high quality illustrations, animations and soundscapes for explanatory films - SciArt in Motion. Daria Chrobok, Erik Modin and Joel Gerhardsson are behind the collaboration. A while ago, they completed a major project with SPPS. A collaboration that left a lasting impression.
- We make what is complicated easy to grasp and understand," says Erik Modin.

It all started when illustrator Daria Chrobok was commissioned by SPPS (Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society). The connection is not so far-fetched, as Daria has a PhD in plant physiology and in recent years has started and developed a company where she creates academic illustrations, under the name DC SciArt.

- SPPS wanted to showcase all the important work they do for plant scientists, in a fun and playful way, yes, and without using a single word. A really fun challenge, says Daria Chrobok.

Daria knew immediately who to involve in the project, animator Erik Modin, who runs the motion graphics studio MoMotion.

Erik was given project management responsibility and the task of building a story based on the client's ideas.

- Daria and I had been talking about working together for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity. With the artwork in place, we agreed on a graphic style that Daria used as a starting point for her illustrations," says Erik Modin.

The project grew and Erik had an idea to put more effort into music and sound design. The client liked the idea and Erik called in friend, musician and producer Joel Gerhardsson, known from the unmistakable band Från Mars.

- It was nice to get in early in the process. Now I got to be part of developing the idea. It was a fun and evolving process," says a smiling Joel Gerhardsson.

Erik is reminded and breaks in.

- Yes, we had a great time. Hooting, hollering, huffing and puffing in a mick while Joel giggles at the mixing desk must still be considered one of the highlights of the project.

Joel Gerhardsson, Daria Chrobok and Erik Modin. PHOTO: eXpression Umeå

Other than that. What's the most fun thing about working in a constellation like yours?

- It's exciting to work from a framework set by other people and trust it," says Joel. It's really fun! I follow the feeling and the pace that is already in the film and reinforce the feeling rather than invent it.

Erik adds, underlining that it was nice to be able to let go of certain parts of the project and rely confidently on the skills of others.

- I'm also impressed by how well we were able to communicate and give each other feedback. We had a high ceiling and were allowed to criticise some things, praise others, and in this way shape the best possible film for the client.

What are the main lessons you take away from this first collaboration?

- For me it was completely new to illustrate something that is going to be animated," says Daria. So all the elements to think about and take into account were fun for me to get into. Now I just want to do more!

- I'm taking with me how I communicate what I need from Daria and Joel to stitch together a film," says Erik. In other projects where I have done all the parts myself, I have not had to put everything into words. Having to explain so that someone else understands was incredibly useful and instructive.

The three friends have new projects in the pipeline which they hope to launch soon.

- Yes, this was a real treat. We hope for many projects together in the future," concludes Daria.

SciArt in Motion production for SPPS - SPPS Brand Video


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