Guide - Creative photography with mobile phone

Guide - Creative photography with mobile phone

Many of the creative professions require good images to communicate their business and social media demands constant updating. With this background, many creators experience a challenge that the number of images is not enough. Here are some tips on how to successfully shoot with your mobile phone in order to complement your professional photos.

  1. Always think of the light
    The light is incredibly important to create a good image. Shooting in a dark context, try to illuminate the most important thing in the image with a light source. Sometimes sunlight can work well and sometimes a reflective screen may be needed to direct the light on your subject. There are reflective screens to buy but a first variant can be aluminum foil on a piece of cardboard.
  2. Adapt exposure to the subject
    Open the camera on your phone, click the subject, and then drag up or down to control exposure up or down. Set the exposure to be good for your subject.
  3. Pin focus on the subject
    Click and hold your finger on the subject you are shooting to lock the focus. After the camera locks focus, you can move the phone and the focus remains in the same place. Keep in mind that if you move forward or backward, your subject will become unclear.
  4. Avoid the camera flash
    The light is A and O for a good picture, but the mobile camera's built-in flash is rather than helping.
  5. Picture composition
    There are several different rules for succeeding with a good image composition. That said, there is no right or wrong for each individual image. By knowing the rules, you can choose what suits your image and in some cases deliberately break the rules to make your image stand out.
  6. Use the camera grid
    A valuable tool for successful image composition is to use the camera grid. On iPhone, this is activated by System Settings - Camera.
  7. Create a light reflex in the eye
    If your subject is a person, try to find a light reflex in the person's eye. It creates a nice effect. A tip to get to the light reflex is that the person lifts the gaze so the light is reflected in the eye and into the camera lens.
  8. Complementary colours
    A color can be enhanced by a complement color. Can you apply a complement color to your subject to make the subject pop in the image?
    Keep in mind that sometimes complementary colors can distort the eye's perception of a color. Test and find what's right for your picture.

These are some of the tips for success with your photography.
Like much else, it's about training and testing. Good luck!


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