F/ACT Movement is the movement for fashion lovers who want to build a sustainable wardrobe without compromising on their passion for clothing and fashion. Through eXpression Umeå, some umebor get the chance to participate in this year's most exciting challenge. From September 2020 to May 2021, the admitted participants, f/activists, get access to a smorgasbord of fun workshops and exciting lectures that focus on the joy of fashion, from a sustainable perspective. Challenge? Don't shop for newly produced clothes for nine months and spread your journey on Instagram.

The textile industry accounts for large climate emissions and clothing production has a major environmental and health impact. In the F/ACT Movement project, consumers will lead the way for a more sustainable fashion industry. Participants from all over Sweden, so-called f/activists, will through inspiring workshops and lectures get new tools for how they easily build a sustainable wardrobe. In Umeå, eXpression with Marlene Johansson and Annakarin Nyberg and Anna Moström, runs the project.

Together with experts in a number of different areas, participants may experiment with, among other things, reuse, redesign, circularity and durability. At the same time, activities will be organised with a focus on sustainable fashion and help companies to switch to more circular business models. Throughout the project, the conscious consumer is at the centre, and the fact that the textile industry has to change in order to reach the global, national regional sustainability targets.

Umeå and eXpression have fantastic resources in the form of creative capital, well-known influencers in the field, SoftLabs and craftsmanship. We will use all that to give our f/activists a great fun and creative journey to make their fashion interest more sustainable. And inspire others to do the same, says Anna Moström,project manager.

Last day to register to become f/activist is 14 June.


What do you mean, what? F/ACT Movement seeks participants to avoid consumption of new clothes for nine months while taking advantage of sustainable fashion options through workshops and Lectures. eXpression is involved in the project and is looking for 10 f/activists living in the municipality. 

Why would you do that? The textile industry accounts for large climate output and clothing production have a major environmental and health impact. 80,000 tonnes of textiles thrown into the bin every year in Sweden. 

When? September 2020 to May 2021

Deadline application: June 14

The F/ACT Movement is run by Gothenburg region (GR) and Science Park Borås with funding from The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Västra Götaland region. Umeå is one of 17 municipalities through the project will arrange local activities with a focus on sustainable Fashion. In addition, the project is working on local business development and will connect to companies.

Read more and apply here:

Contact in Umeå:

Anna Moström, Project Manager
073-061 23 45

Marlene Johansson, CEO eXpression Umeå
070-674 95 39


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