eXpression Design

eXpression Design

- From idea to action

Over eight months, selected talents take a design from idea to prototype and on to a finished product, made locally, in the programme eXpression Design. 

The program is a successful inter-county initiative between eXpresison in Umeå and the creative industries network High Coast Creative in the High Coast. Ho date, 32 creative businesses have taken their product idea from concept to reality with local manufacturing. In other words, locally produced design in Västernorrland and Västerbotten. A norm-breaking initiative that shows that you can work with design, no matter where you live. 
eXpression Design provides the tools and it's you, the creator, who makes it happen. The goal is not only to produce a locally produced product, but also to grow in your entrepreneurial skills and your ability to create sustainable partnerships and networks. The aim is to strengthen profitability, find new markets and develop local production. As a later step, there is the possibility to focus on internationalisation and go deeper into strategic planning for further development. 

This is a chance for you as a creative who wants to gear up and go from idea to action. 

Programme content

  • Inspirational lectureat + WS Idegenerising 
  • Business models 
  • Idea generation and prototypemanufacturing 
  • Study visits to manufacturers  
  • The design process as method and tool 
  • Lecture: Havailablea production models
  • Lecture: Material lessons with Material Library 
  • Product and range development + Pricing
  • Designer/producer roles  
  • Social media strategies  
  • IPR and trademark protection 
  • Individual affärs and marketing planning  
  • Creating digital business (e-shop m.m. 
  • Outer and inner packaging 
  • Calculate your price 
  • Sales  

In addition, individual coaching sessions are offered x 3 times/person, mentor interview with industry expert. The programme ends with the launch of developed products. 

Who should apply

The programme is aimed at designers, craftspeople and artisans who run businesses and who have a willingness and drive to take your creativity and entrepreneurship to the next level. The aim is to strengthen profitability, find new markets and develop local production. 

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Lillemor Holmgren

Turbulent Phosphila


Sara Rylander

The deadline for applications has passed.

Last program start: 2021-10-13

End date Umeå: 2021-03-10

End date Ö-Vik: 2021-05-19

eXpression Design is a cross-provincial venture together with High Coast Creative, Höga Kusten, World Class Örnsköldsvik, Umeå University, Umeå Municipality and part-financed by EU structural funds. 

Apply to eXpression Design 2021-2022

The programme where selected talents take a design from idea to prototype and on to a finished locally manufactured product over eight months.

Programme officers

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Contact the programme manager for more info

eXpression Design

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